What about our human rights,’ demanded Carl, who’d gathered a small deputation of kids within minutes. ‘There is a WAR ON,’ said Crewman Devlin, shortly. I wondered if this meant grown-ups actually listen to you when there wasn’t a war on, because somehow I was sceptical.

Thus there is a need for analogical process of deduction of laws and rules in the decision making process by the UN at this juncture, where the world is facing innumerable human rights violation (reported and unreported) pretermitting antithetical implementation of what each nation or any disputing party understands, in its own misinterpreted version of international laws. There is a need for world comity.

Dehumanization isn’t a way of talking. It’s a way of thinking-a way of thinking that, sadly, comes all too easily to us. Dehumanization is a scourge, and has been so for millennia. It acts as a psychological lubricant, dissolving our inhibitions and inflaming our destructive passions. As such, it empowers us to perform acts that would, under other circumstances, be unthinkable.

The mere fact that I exist means that I deserve to be here and to express myself any damn why I please.

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