There are hundreds of intelligent and big brains in every country in the world to run that country successfully but somehow and often either an immoral stupid or a charlatan imbecile comes to power!

The more you spend time in a herd, the more you will move away from yourself! So you must move away from your herd to get closer to yourself, to find your true self you have lost in the herd!

To understand fully the importance of music, you must try to image a world without music! Such a world would be a world of hopelessness and boredom!

No ethical person wants to be a king or a queen, because there is no ethics and honor in putting yourself in a place higher than others!

Every nation needs a crystal clear mirror to see its stupidities, to see its hypocrisies, to see its faults and its evils! No nation is saint! Every nation’s history is full of primitiveness and barbarity, full of wars and murders! Let every nation sees its face very clearly! Let them face their faces so that in the future they may be something better!

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