[Schulz] came to see that the better part of his shyness was really vanity, or self-centeredness. “Shyness is an illusion,” he would say, late in life. “If you get out and do something and talk to people, you don’t have to be shy. Shyness is the overtly self-conscious thinking that you are the only person in the world; that how you look and what you do is of any importance.

Have you ever walked along a beach? You walk towards something in the distance. For the longest while it never seems to get any closer even though you are walking and walking. Then all of a sudden, you are there. You’ve arrived at last. That’s what grief is like. Meanwhile we are running with you in the spray of the surf at the edge of the shore where the sand meets the sea. We are cheering you on.

There are no ghosts among the living
The only real ghosts exist in our minds
So fear not the dead but the living
Because the living can harm but not their ghost

Have you ever seen a dead man risen?
Don’t you see that nobody comes from the grave?
It’s because the dead are nice to each other
Even the vilest repent, and are kind to their neighbors
Each one content with the land of their lying

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