Today’s storms usher in tomorrow’s sunshine.

Man may change, government may change, people may change but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Romans 12:2
What is the difference between a person born with a silver spoon that later eat with the pig and someone born among the pigs without a silver spoon in his mouth and later eat with a golden spoon? One must have changed his mind. If you can renew your mind, you can change your destiny.

You cannot use food to settle your emotional problem, you cannot use the food and make a deal with your emotion, sometimes you need to set your plates backward to settle your emotional issues. Don’t let the devil fool you with the thinking that drinking excessive alcohol or eating without control will change your situation or anything that is going on around you, it can only complicate your issue by destroying your own body.

If the word of God cannot do it in your life then your Pastor must be wasting his time.

They terminate your job? Employ yourself. They retire you? Refire yourself.

God sends the best to those who deserves it.

When life’s journey is wearisome, put on hope’s shoes.

Do as love says; do as love does.

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