I just want your voice aimed at me again. I want to absorb the direction of your eyes…

Books and school are great for learning but there is no substitute for life and living to provide a real education.

I have seen far by seeing through the lens of Jiu Jitsu. I have exchanged a great deal of physical health for these insights, and these were trades worth making. My efforts were worth the return. I have sacrificed much in the name of this craft. Not for trophies or belts or prestige. For these fall away like dust. I pursued this art so fervently because it was not actually Jiu Jitsu I pursued. It was myself.

Learning means bringing forth the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge, skills and values, that are within us. Our learning starts as soon as we are born.

Excerpt from “Living in Light, Love & Truth”. (Page 3).

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