When you start loving, your character becomes like the positive side of a magnet and the one you love becomes negative, that pulls people close to you in union, and becomes very difficult to separate.

A man, who unconditionally does agree to the unstated clause that it is only he who has to say always SORRY and never she under any damn situation, is only eligible and entitle to marry a woman.

Never marry when under the guise you need to ‘see if it’ll work’, but rather marry because in your mind you want to make it work.

Don’t marry the most beautiful woman in the world; marry the woman with the most beautiful deeds.

Why did you marry Dad, Mom?”
My mother sniffled through her nose, looked at me, then smiled.
“I wanted something more and he was it. We both had big dreams.”
“That must have taken a lot of courage,” I said. “To marry Dad. He was so different from you.”
“It was hardly courageous. It was just the only thing to do. We were in love.

Love conquers the body by embracing it,
conquers the mind by massaging it,
conquers the heart by kissing it,
and conquers the soul by marrying it.

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