Tell me, who in this life, were never guided in course of their realization of their goal?

I did not know of any single soul who succeed in life without a mentorship.

[EM] Forster was the only living writer whom he would have described as his master. In other people’s books he found examples of style which he wanted to imitate and learn from. In Forster he found a key to the whole art of writing. The Zen masters of archery-of whom, in those days, Christopher had never heard-start by teaching you the mental attitude with which you must pick up the bow. A Forster novel taught Christopher the mental attitude with which he must pick up the pen.

Remember iron sharpens iron. People inspire people, therefore, always ensure that you read books that can easily guide you to discover strategies of making a good name.

Roses do not bloom the same time as daisies.

If you’re not reaching back to help anyone then you’re not building a legacy.

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