Today’s storms usher in tomorrow’s sunshine.

A small idea with wings will take you higher than a big one with legs.

Skill follows the rules, talent breaks the rules, mastery shatters the rules, but genius makes its own rules.

If you guide others out of the dark, you are a star, even if no one knows your name.

In the presence of the sun nobody sees the stars; excel, and you too will eclipse your competition.

Champions are made in the dark before they are revealed in light.

To achieve success, ignore doubt; fame, ignore haters; greatness, ignore fear; and immortality, ignore hardship.

Everything big, once started little. Most famous people started just where you are at now. Catapult yourself to success. Practice self-discipline. Work to develop excellent skills and abilities. Learn to be polite and diplomatic. Doing this, helps insure you grow big at what you want for success.

Be like stars; instead of cursing the darkness, shine.

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