Tell your dreams to clowns and watch those jokers laugh.

The more vocal people become about your blessing is a testament in its self.

A mentality is a terrible thing to corrupt. Be attentive of what your mind consumes.

Following the crowd only leads to you getting lost. Find yourself by following your heart.

Money can’t buy friends but it can buy people in large numbers.

Fake people always seem like they’re winning because they’re always lying.

How much you are willing to sacrifice will show up in the process and the end result.

Finding yourself is easy. Stepping out on faith is what troubles man.

I don’t believe that life is a gamble. I don’t believe life is a roller coaster either. I believe we are spiritual beings with a purpose in a human experience and it’s our job to find it.

Always expect great things to come to people with a strong work ethic, faith and integrity. For their blessings are not in the hands of man.

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