We have to believe that the thought we have is piecing together for us the thing we are thinking of and is actually carrying it closer and closer to us!

I mean if we all looked at how much Bill Gates has in his bank and allowed that to act as a distraction then it could be very off-putting for some.

You can influence a whole plethora of things, and just as they can influence you then you can influence them.

With regards any type of manifesting, when you are inspired or not inspired, you created it!

If you do not use clean language in your NAPS the negative words can be literally taken as part of the NAPS, and then you wonder why your NAPS has gone adrift, or that it only partly worked for you.

Subconscious thought is what we bring into play when true manifesting is practiced.

Now where do all of those thoughts and feelings go that you send out? Well look all around you, and look upwards, too. The ether around you carries all of your thoughtwaves in all directions! Ping, ping, ping, ping … there they go!!!!

If I could offer only one tool to help you attract more of what you want, it would be what is commonly called NAPS (Night Audio Programs).

Expanding on the age-old system of learning while you sleep through audio recordings, NAPS uses the exact same method as you would use for listening to any audio whilst sleeping.

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