Do not let the day end without you asking yourself one great question. So many things do question our thoughts. Questions of all forms and from all spheres of life do bother us. Sometimes, questions are the best answers to questions. When you ponder over a question, ask another question which will questing the question. Mostly, the best answers to questions are the best questions. Questions that questing the questions rightly give the right answers. Remember, never a day without a great question!

Do not be discourage by people who reject your true purpose. Do not stop because of anxiety; stop because you are done with the mission! Don’t ever be down by the susurrant call of the masses to stop, halt or abort your true purpose when you are convinced within your innermost man of how true your purpose is. A true purpose is mostly rejected, spat upon and seen as an unworthy cause by the masses until they come to a later realization of how true it is and then they accept, celebrate and enjoy it.

May you find grace to survive life difficulties.

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