Uri stood staring at him, casually looking Gabe’s body up and down before saying with a sly grin, “Well hello to you too, sexy. Does your wife know about this?” Uri then motioned with a dainty fingertip to Gabe’s ensemble.
Looking down, Gabe quickly realised the robe he had grabbed to cover himself with belonged to Rachel, and much to his dismay, was far too sheer for comfort at the moment. Slipping a well laid hand into place, Gabe huffed and looked at his friend in aggravation, secretly trying not to laugh.

Pretty soon…do you realize there’ll be so many additional childhoods and pasts with everybody writing about them everybody’ll give up reading in despair-There’ll be an Explosion of childhoods and pasts, they’ll have to have a giant Brain print them out microscopically on film to be stored in a warehouse on Mars to give Heaven Seventy Kotis to catch up on all that reading- Seventy Million Million Kotis! – Whoopee! – Everything is free!

The Colorado River was at a record low and the towers in Lake Mead stood high out of the water. But the Angelenos committed communal suicide by watering lawns as usual.

In trials of ir’n and silver fain
“The dead will rise and walk again
“The blesséd few that touch the light
“Will aid the war against the night.

“But one by one they all will die
“Without a cause to rule them by
“As Darkness spreads across the land
“He’ll wield the oceans in his hand.

“Five warriors will oppose his reign
“And overthrow the Shadow Thane
“They come from sides both dark and light
“The realm the mortals call “twilight.

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