The greatest terror a child can have is that he is not loved, and rejection is the hell he fears. I think everyone in the world to a large or small extent has felt rejection. And with rejection comes anger, and with anger some kind of crime in revenge for the rejection, and with the crime guilt-and there is the story of mankind. I think that if rejection could be amputated, the human would not be what he is.

Before I was born my father disowned me. You know those ones who get the females pregnant, and then say the baby is not theirs? He rejected me, told my mother that I am not his child, so I never had a relationship with my father. Shelton ‘Apples’ Burrows reform gang leader

. People have rejected me all my life. Sometimes it’s death or desertion. infidelity, betrayal. You name it. I’ve experienced every form of emotional treachery there is. Well, big deal. Everybody’s suffered something in life and so what? I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but I’d have to be a fool to lay myself open to that shit again.

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