A person imbued with compassion and self-understanding can readily love oneself and exhibit endless sympathy for all people. A person who is unkind to their self can never transcend their corrupt barriers much less run into the world with open arms enthusiastically embracing humankind and all of nature with uninhibited friendliness and goodwill.

I realized that with everything I did from that point onward, I would have to ask myself this question: “How would I feel if what I’m doing right now is written up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times or if it is on television? Would I still do it?” That is a very useful exercise for leaders to engage in, because we shouldn’t do anything we might be embarrassed by or ashamed of.

Tim blinked his eyes a few times, and then crossed a leg over in an attempt to regain a composure that would cover any visible traces of destructive inclinations possibly stored in any mental compartments in his emotional vehicle. He trembled a bit after catching a presumed glimpse of unstableness in himself through the second person perception of himself that could have possibly been perceived by his supervisor.

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