God can use you. You must be willing to follow His leading.

Only when you verbalize your interests will the Universe be able to come to your aid.

When you walk through the darkness, God shall be your light!.

God is awesome.Keep seeking Him.

By simply and profoundly giving love to yourself everyday in every way you are saying to the Universe you are worthy of attaining any dream, vision or goal. Feel worthy of it.

Your thoughts and feelings together create an ‘energetic blueprint’ that is constantly being emitted out into the world.

Keep dreaming big. You have a great glorious future.

You don’t have to compete with any one. Seek to outdo your own performance. You will always be happy.

Anything is possible. Dream! Reach out! Achieve!

Our actions reflect the distilled wisdom that we possess of the innermost self. Our personal philosophy is an activated way of living. A peaceful person delves the truest definition of the self by maintaining an attentive state of conscious awareness and ceases escaping from reality with mindless diversions. Self-inquiry is the principal method to remove ignorance, increase self-awareness, and abide in a tranquil existence

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