There are people in my life who count more than playing soccer in Serie A

When I am with you, I am invincible.
When I am with you, your kind and loving presence strengthen me down to my very core.
When I am with you, I finally know what heaven on earth feels like.
For when I am with you, I am the best I could be.
I’d rather walk through the burning coals of hell than enjoy comfort and luxury with someone else.
For life without you, is not life at all. I love you.

I want you cool and regal, earthy and impertinent, spoiling for a fight and abashed at your own temper. I want you flushed with exertion and rosy with sleep. I want you teasing and provocative, somber and thoughtful. I want every emotion, every mood, every year in a lifetime to come. I want you beside me, to encourage and argue with me, to help me and let me help you. I want to be your champion and lover, your mentor and student.

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