Why do we make everything so complicated!? Our creator gave us a very simple beautiful life and surrounded us with this amazing nature. We on the other hand instead of enjoying our life, made it all so complicated that we don’t even get time to meet ourselves. FIND YOU OWN TRUE SELF & GIVE LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE TO THAT TRUE SELF!! Keep YOURSELF HAPPY, it’s all that really matters.~ UNIVERSE LOVES YOU & SO DO I #StardustAK

Happy and sad are words for the same feeling in different time zones.

ATTACHMENT IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!” Myth: ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ It’s just a wrong interpretation of a wise ancient message. TRUTH: ‘LUST(GREED) OF MONEY(ANYTHING) IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.’ ~ UNIVERSE LOVES YOU & SO DO I #StardustAK
PS. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. ( 1 Timothy 6:10 )

I want to be intoxicated by the darkened ether of midnight, running through my fingers as sparkling stardust. I crave the taste of the ocean’s salty tears, as her temperamental tides crash and break against the rocks. I yearn for the sweet scent of sun on my skin and the earthy musk of dirt giving way under my bare feet. I want to lay naked in golden fields, as i gaze up at an endless sky, dreaming my dreams, as Mother Nature’s love washes over me like spiritual sunshine.

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