To control your life, control your mind. To control your mind, control your breath.

Another man of sheer violence was the late Stewart Boyd, he was killed in a car accident over in Spain’s Costa del Sol shortly after being released from prison in June 2003. But he certainly left his mark on the city streets of Glasgow. He was a force to be reckoned with, a gang enforcer. Murder and witness intimidation were high on his criminal charge sheet.

With regards any type of manifesting, when you are inspired or not inspired, you created it!

Before making a snap judgment, ask yourself if it really is something that has hurt you or simply just made you angry at yourself for allowing it to happen. It’s amazing what ‘sleeping on it’ can do. A new day sees a new beginning.

If you do not use clean language in your NAPS the negative words can be literally taken as part of the NAPS, and then you wonder why your NAPS has gone adrift, or that it only partly worked for you.

Subconscious thought is what we bring into play when true manifesting is practiced.

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