Sacrifice of the self is sheer stupidity if sacrifice is not for the self.

You know kid…it’s not that every adult stops dreaming because they want to…it’s because…once we grow up, we realize that the world’s like the big bad wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood…it stinks big time and is ever-ready to gobble up any stragglers. It’s this race we sign up for from the moment we are born…if we lose, we get thrown out pretty bad.

Question and Answer

Durban, Birmingham,
Cape Town, Alabama,
Johannesburg, Watts,
The earth around
Struggling, fighting,
Dying–for what?

A world to gain.

Groping, hoping,
Waiting–for what?

A world to gain.

Dreams kicked asunder,
Why not go under?

There’s a world to gain.

But suppose I don’t want it,
Why take it?

To remake it.

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