The secret of winning any prize is knowing that your own treasure and potential is equal to it… and worthy of it.

In the presence of the sun nobody sees the stars; excel, and you too will eclipse your competition.

Your original self is worth more than your imitation of someone else.

Successful people will tell you that they do not wonder if they are going to succeed. They know they will. It’s just a matter of when.

Champions are made in the dark before they are revealed in light.

Never be afraid to offer a smile; sure the risk is that a few foolish people may misinterpret your kindness as weakness, but the sweet reward is that as you make new friends and encourage others, the foolish have ignored the fact that you have already shown them your teeth.

The question is what kind of stuff do you immerse your mind in? What kind of food does your brain feed on? What kind of exercise does it get and for what purpose? What do you spend time listening to? What thoughts do you entertain? All these are the processes that form the conveyor belt into your subconscious mind.

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