A task is only difficulty, when we not find the best strategy to get it done.

An organisation can neither appreciate nor appraise correctly a bright & talent till the people at its topmost height think that it requires a wrong person over the right workforce to get the job done.

Eventually you will find something to put that energy into and you will be unstoppable. Even now with something you take no joy in, you do your task dutifuly, because it’s all you can do. There’s something beautiful in that, Collin.

An infinity of these tiny animals defoliate our plants, our trees, our fruits… they attack our houses, our fabrics, our furniture, our clothing, our furs … He who in studying all the different species of insects that are injurious to us, would seek means of preventing them from harming us, would seek to cause them to perish, proposes for his goal important tasks indeed.

The fastest and easiest way to accomplish any task is to do it with minimum breaks and pauses.

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