It is the little act of kindness that touches our heart and blossom our life with gladness.

If you think you can’t, you’re wrong and right

A good man can be destroyed by the association with men of evil character. A wise man can learn from them

Animals do it largely for the REPRODUCTION, but so-called Social Animals (People) do it regularly thinking that it will give them SATISFACTION.

A wise man can say a foolish thing at any time, anywhere, and to anybody.

Forget about the great astounding victory. Focus on winning small victories every day, the final victory will come by itself

Seeking wisdom will make you unhappy.

We are looking for value, guidance, advice, inspiration; for someone to show us the way. When we find him, he is our hero

It’s not what we can do that makes us great, but what we can do but don’t which make us great

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