Writing is talking, except you get the chance to edit what you just said

Writing is self-pleasure

How do you feel when you read stuff written by dead authors? A visit by a ghost?

Every book is worth reading. If it cannot make you wiser it will make you a critic

When I write sometimes I strike gold, sometimes I labor in vain and keep producing rubbish

You can edit what you write. Why not edit what you say? If it hurts somebody, you can still offer an apology or withdraw your statements

Self-censorship is more efficient than any police. You write and say not what you really think, but what you believe is acceptable. By that process we lose those revolutionary ideas that could change society for the better

In order to protect their good names for posterity, many writers never wrote what they thought or the truth as it stood. That’s why truth still lies hidden in matters of power, sex and religion. No wonder they chose to do so, many who dared paid with their heads